Ambag ko

The image that comes to mind when we say “Bayanihan” is the iconic group of villagers with a nipa hut on their shoulders. Eagerness to help, sharing the burden, asking nothing in return, and sacrifice; these men embody the spirit of this unique Filipino value.

We, Filipinos, are known for being generous and helpful. Just like in “Bayanihan,” we try to help in any way we can. 

We even have a word for when we go out of our way to be able to make a contribution. We call it our  “ambag” so we can become a part of the solution to any problem. It is an inherent characteristic that most foreign nationals find adorable.

Today, we need a new form of Bayanihan. We need to make “ambag.”

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing our Bayanihan spirit as Filipinos.

It has been more than two years since the first outbreak, yet the possibility of putting an end to this global health pandemic is still nowhere in sight

The new coronavirus Delta variant spreads twice as fast and is even more deadly. While the country’s COVID-19 vaccination drive is getting swept away by floods amid the typhoon season.

What can we do to help our nation get back on its feet again?  

The answer is rather simple. We can all contribute by making positive changes in society, starting with choosing the right leaders. That’s right! Elections should not be underestimated. They can positively or negatively impact all our lives. Not only our generation but even future generations as well.

The power to change doesn’t end with just registering for the elections

Despite the importance of voting in the elections, many people still do not choose to participate in electing officials. Whatever the reason, whether it be a disinterest in political issues or difficulty in being able to vote, there is simply no excuse for not voting.

After all, it is our future that is at stake here. 

As the country’s future leaders, our role does not end with just registering for the upcoming elections. We also need to reach out to fellow young voters and find better ways to capture their attention. 

The Comelec’s recent introduction of a mobile registration system called “Mobile App Registration Form” or MARF is good, but we also have to educate potential young voters and rapidly increase their involvement in the electoral process.

If they knew that our duly elected public officials deal with issues that pertain and matter to them, then the Filipino youth would have a greater desire to get involved in the elections and other political matters. Having a candidate that they could easily relate to could also help increase their desire to get involved.

More importantly, with the national elections just months away from today, we can all work together by encouraging more Filipinos to exercise their right and civic duty to choose leaders who could help steer the country towards its much-needed recovery. We can’t just let an unseen foe lock us up in our homes.

Now is the time to act. We encourage every Filipino to pitch in for the future and make their contributions count by registering and voting in the upcoming elections. For those who have not registered yet, there is still time. The last day for registration is on September 30, 2021. Make your #ambagko.

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